Dr. Livingood

Doctor and CEO


Livingood decided to grow his brand after the success of his practice and instructional publications. Drlivingood.com was Livingood's first website and brand, which he created in 2018. In 2019, he launched a second website for his health and wellness company, Livingood Daily. Livingood delivers nutritional and natural health information to those who may not have access to his profession or books through his websites and blog.

This website is also used by Livingood to promote their Livingood Daily products, which include daily supplements and functional food bars that support joint and immune system function, heart health, and stress management. The Livingood Daily Lifestyle subscription, which includes monthly challenges, teaches people how to be their own health solution. The website also has tools to assist consumers keep on track with their health goals, such as advanced health training, 10 Minute Workouts, and downloadable guidelines and recipes for healthy meal preparation and snacking.

Livingood's work in the realm of natural health and nutrition, with an emphasis on pain, healthy digestion, and heart health, has been boosted by this brand. Furthermore, Livingood maintains contact with his fans via his Dr. Livingood Youtube channel. He posts films every week that complement his mission, practice, and merchandise, and often feature his wife.